Gaunlet Hair were dece. As is this.


Radio edit of the new My First Tooth single ‘Past Broadcasts’

Free download. Taken from the forthcoming album - out early 2013

2013 is too far away.

Pale Seas - Bodies

I’m not sure how long I’ll last without more music by these guys.

Johnny Foreigner - 3 Hearts

First track from Names EP.
Fucking yes.


Fester | Dutch Uncles

If you do anything productive today please let it be giving this a listen. New song by a great band.


I haven’t listened just yet, but I’m beyond excited.

Animal Collective - Amanita

A lot of people seem to always want to over complicate thoughts about Animal Collective songs (on both ends of the love/hate spectrum), but this is just a fun, catchy pop song. No more, no less.

Beulah - If We Can Land A Man On The Moon Surely I Can Win Your Heart

The prospect of this burgeoning Australian summer has been made all the more exciting by my recent discovery of Beulah. Perfect music for this weather!


This Town Needs Guns - Cat Fantastic


EatenByBears - Simple as Hell
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A new surf drenched, summer tune and video from Belfast based band Eatenbybears comes in the form of ‘Simple As Hell’. Bongo-drummed rhythm butted up against violin plucked melody and insistent, chanted vocals make this one of the catchiest songs you’re likely to hear this summer. 

‘Simple As Hell’ is up on bandcamp here for just a quid, bargain.

Posted by : Sarah O’Neill ( FolieADeuxS )